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Hypoallergenic makeup and skincare, with vegan and gluten free products, from a company that supports sexual abuse survivors? Yes! Plus the products actually work.



I’ve been playing around with makeup from multiple companies for many years now. I’ve tried everything from the drugstore brands to the higher-up designer brands. Loyalty is important to me, so I’ve always been on the hunt for one company whose products are all great. A foundation from one company, a lipstick from another, and a liner from yet another was just exhausting for me!

When a friend suggested I try that crazy 3D mascara that everyone talks about, I fell in love with it. In under a minute I had amazing, crazy long eyelashes that lasted all day (and none of the icky glue of falsies!!). So I ended up trying a few more of their products. Foundation is always a hard one for me because my face is so sensitive and breaks out so often, but I gave their powder foundation a shot. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the coverage was amazing and it didn’t make me break out. I’ve been using Younique exclusively now since 2015 and my acne has actually gone away! I firmly believe that is because of the lack of chemicals in their products.

Just because the United States allows so many chemicals in products, doesn’t mean it’s the best option! Younique knows that and chooses to use as many natural ingredients in their cosmetics and skincare as possible. I only get one skin, so it’s important that I take care of it! I wouldn’t choose to eat junk food for all three meals of the day, it would be bad for my body and my health. Naturally, the same applies to the outside of your body! Our skin can absorb the things we put on it, and we even ingest our makeup (how many times have you licked your lips after putting on lipstick or gloss?). Personally, I want to know exactly what is in those products!

Another thing I love about Younique is their mission. Before the founders even knew what they’d be selling, they knew they wanted to create a company to start helping offer support to survivors of sexual abuse. Pretty amazing right? Through their products and generous customers, Younique was able to create the Younique Foundation, a nonprofit that offers resources to survivors. One of the big things they’ve done is bring to life the Haven Retreat. At the Haven Retreat, survivors are hosted for 4 days of pampering (including a makeover and mini photoshoot!), one-on-one and group therapy, theraputic art, multiple courses to help with things like healing, self-image, learning triggers, self-defense, and so much more. There are so many resources available during the retreat, and many times the women attending do not have access to so many options in one place. The incredible part about the retreat is that it is all-expenses-paid! The only cost the attendees have is their travel to get to and from the retreat. All meals, sessions, and activities are paid for by the foundation.

This company is very close to my heart for more than just their great products. I’m a sexual abuse survivor, myself, and was blessed enough to be able to go to the Haven Retreat in October of 2016. I was 7 months pregnant at the time with our daughter and I had been having a lot of flashbacks (not to mention fear that things may happen to her that had happened to me!). The social anxiety I’ve struggled with since childhood was at an all-time high and the opportunity came at just the right time. I started the first day terrified, not even able to communicate with the other women there. But by Day 4, I had gained so many tools for healing and learned to identify so many things about myself, as well as how to work around them. My history wasn’t something I ever wanted to bring up, and a lot of survivors are simply too ashamed or embarrassed (though it is never something to be ashamed of) to seek help. That’s what’s so great about the retreat! I didn’t have to find the courage to ask for help, the classes, therapy, and resources are right there already. I just had to follow the schedule of events they had planned out! I turned 28 years old on the last day of the retreat, and I will forever remember that as the day I finally accepted my past and learned that it does not define me. Though healing is a long journey and I’ll be working on it for a long time, the chance to go to the Haven Retreat was the best decision I had ever made for myself!

Stories like mine are the reason Younique does what they do. Women like me have the chance to have access to these resources because of the success of Younique products. So the company knows that in order to keep being able to accomplish the goal of supporting survivors, their products have to be amazing! I could have become affiliated with a lot of different brands and give the my product loyalty. But Younique won my heart with not only their incredible makeup, but also their heart and mission. Yes, I am a presenter and do get paid a commission when people purchase their cosmetics through me. Though I would still stand behind this company one hundred percent even if that were not the case!

So when you buy your makeup through me from Younique, you can be confident that you are doing so much more than just buying stuff. Your purchase does three big things:

  1. You get amazing makeup created with nature, love, and science!
  2. You are helping give a woman the chance to get healing from her past that she may never have a chance to get otherwise.
  3. You are helping me thrive and support my family, while being able to stay home and raise our daughter! And for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!