Top 5 Facial Scrubs

Did you know that a facial wash may not be enough for your skin? A lot of them are very harsh,  and the ones that aren't often don't cleanse deeply enough to do a good job. There's also the issue of exfoliating. Dead skin cells accumulate on the skins surface and can begin to harbor… Continue reading Top 5 Facial Scrubs


Pack the Diaper Bag Like a Pro!

Hey there, New Mama! If you're looking around for tips on packing a diaper bag, odds are you're expecting your first little one (or maybe just had one)! In which case, congratulations! And also...don't panic! I bet right now you're thinking there's a ton of stuff you need to bring with you any time you leave… Continue reading Pack the Diaper Bag Like a Pro!

Can Red Lipstick REALLY Cover Dark Circles?

Alright, I've seen this a few places now. People keep saying you can use red lipstick or lip liner to cover the dark circles under your eyes. The first thing I said to myself was, Yeah right, and I didn't buy it. They've got oceanfront property in Arizona to sell me too, I bet... But… Continue reading Can Red Lipstick REALLY Cover Dark Circles?

Mix this with coconut oil for smooth skin!

I've had problem skin since I was born... Ok, maybe not since I was born, but at least since I was about 12 years old! I'm 28 now and I just started to clear it up about a year ago. I've tried every cleanser and exfoliator in the acne aisle and even a few off… Continue reading Mix this with coconut oil for smooth skin!

🍕Healthy Pepperoni Pizza Wrap

There's nothing like a great slice of pizza! But when it's lunchtime and you're trying to make healthy choices, what do you do? Besides, you can't really just throw together a pizza in 10 minutes... For that reason, I came up with this healthy and delicious option to give you that pizza fix without the… Continue reading 🍕Healthy Pepperoni Pizza Wrap

The Power of Positivity

Do you ever have days that you’re just “off”? You know the days; when you don’t feel like yourself, you can’t gather your thoughts, and you have no idea what you should be doing. Goodness knows I have them more than I would like! I have bad wife days, bad mom days, and just bad… Continue reading The Power of Positivity

Dos and Don’ts of Concealer

You’re probably here reading this because you’re having some kind of problem getting the best results from your concealer. Did I guess right? Maybe your concealer is looking unnatural against your skin tone, or it’s setting into fine lines and making them more prominent instead of covering them. Whatever the problem is, I’ll give you… Continue reading Dos and Don’ts of Concealer

Practice Makes Perfect

I haven’t always been good at makeup. Believe it or not, there was a point in time that I went out of the house on a regular basis without using mascara because I thought it was unnecessary. Ah, back when I was young and dumb…but I digress. My point is that if you’re lacking the… Continue reading Practice Makes Perfect